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Mission and Vision Statement

Mission: Show the value of budgeting, at every stage of your life, while providing hope, guidance and clarity to overcome budgeting challenges.

Vision Statement: Empower individuals to make better decisions based on where they are and where they are heading.

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I am so glad you stopped by.

My name is...you guessed it Shedrock Neil. I am an aviation enthusiast. In fact, most of my career is in some field related to aviation.

Above aviation is my desire to make a positive difference in some way. Hence I have other pursuits and have branched off into other fields. In fact one of the primary reason this website exist, is because of my most recent project and that's writing my first book. The book is entitled "Let There Be Order In My Budget" More details about this book is available on the other tabs.

I am also an amateur handy man. Just don't ask my wife about my skills. She will give you a review like, "pack your patience, it is going to take a while" Like I said, I am an up and coming handyman to be.

Did I say Handy? Well, what happened was....